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Paper cans

Commercial paper cans, as the name suggests, are sold directly on the first line of the mall. Therefore, the appearance of  the paper can be more beautiful. The customers can confirm the diameter, height and production methods (double sets / tin cover cans) according to the actual products.

(Bore / Ribbon / Lifting / Foam / iron cover printing, and so on ... .. The company has Valet processing and ordering).  Exquisite suction of the packaging is definitely an important factor in sales, exquisite paper cans packaging can effectively   help your product stand out in many commodities.

Inner diameter specifications

Double sets:26/29/32.5/40/51/61/63/75/81/97.4/120/127/147/167.5mm

Tin cover cans:40/52.5/63.5/73/83.5/99.4/120/127mm


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